Same “Stuff,” Different Country

When I arrived at my flat here in Dunedin, the first thing I did was to pull out my laptop, connect to the Internet, and let my family and friends know I wasn’t dead.

New Zealand has funny plugs

After my “Kiwi Host” arrived and took me on a whirlwind, now-barely-remembered tour of the surrounding area, I figured out New Zealand’s plugs, got my laptop charging, and…

Continued with the same editing I’d been doing in Canada.

“I know! I’ll spend 24 hours getting to the other side of the world, and then do the exact same thing I was doing in my room!”

My mom Julie Bryski expressed some surprise when I mentioned I’d been trying to edit or write a bit every day. This is the “adjustment” period after all; aren’t I stressed enough? Well, weirdly enough, it’s reducing any stress I have. I am a workaholic – I don’t do well without something to do, which means I tend to make work if it’s not available. Hence my decision to spend my six weeks between terms producing a podcast.

The continuity of working on the same things also helps with the feeling of being uprooted – no matter where I happen to be in the world, the world of the story remains the same. And, since this is a story that’s been knocking around for quite a while, I’m finding that editing it gives me a good shot of familiarity in an entirely unfamiliar environment. Plus, it makes me feel productive and in control: two excellent feelings in a place where I don’t know how things work and I don’t yet have classes to fill my days.

I know my world. I know my characters. I know my story.

It’s very nice to know something. 😉

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