Finding my “Spot”

I realized yesterday, as I did some actual school-type work (yep.. still have to be somewhat academic while I’m here…), that I haven’t found my “spot” yet.

See, I hate working in my room (unless it’s fiction). All through university, I’ve gone to the library for the majority of my work. Through that time, I’ve carved out “spots” for myself, nooks and crannies around U of T that meet my slightly… particular requirements.

  1. Natural light. Lots of it.
  2. No headache triggers. (I’m not sure what the deal with Robarts is, but it’s a death-trap for me.)
  3. My back to a wall.
  4. Ideally, a carrel-type setup, not just an open table (with some exceptions).
  5. General warm feeling – not institutional.

Back home, my spots include:

  1. The third floor fireplace room of the Graham Library, assuming the big table is free.
  2. A particular carrel in Graham’s theology section (you’ve probably seen me in it; if not, I’m keeping it secret :P)
  3. The quiet study room on the first floor of Gerstein.
  4. Knox. Anywhere in Knox.
  5. The Hart House library, if the places by the windows are free.

Otago’s main library is kind of grey and institutional-feeling, which makes me sad. On the other hand, it does have lots of windows – I stumbled across one section where the walls were just glass. That might be a potential spot. I also found a carrel on the very top floor which seems to fit the bill… except the window was open, and I was cold, but I couldn’t get it to close.

Reminds me of Robarts, but with ventilation!

A potential spot?

In related news, Dunedin has a plethora of truly excellent cafés (have I mentioned how good the coffee is?). I have, however, grown quite fond of one in particular, and have been spending my Sunday mornings there with my writing-type work and a long black (an Americano, more or less).

Now, if only they had all-night coffee shops here…

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