Halfway Home

Today officially marks the halfway point of my time in the Southern Hemisphere. That seems like a momentous occasion, so because I’m spending a grand total of 6 months abroad, I thought I’d mark it by sharing a few lists of “six things.”

Six Things I’ve Learned While Abroad

  1. How to go from pyjamas to fully dressed without ever leaving the safety of my warm bed.
  2. If tired enough, one can sleep through almost anything. Even couches burning on the street, and the fire truck’s arrival and subsequent entanglement in hordes of drunken students.
  3. My USB key has become my most important possession.
  4. Despite what I had been led to believe, there are no rainbow factories in New Zealand, nor does it rain candy. There may, however, be unicorns.
  5. How to tackle a sheep, put it in a headlock, and drag it out to be shorn.
  6. Being away from home makes you realize exactly what home is to you.

Six Things I Haven’t Done Yet, but that are on my List

  1. Visit Hobbiton.
  2. Visit Shantytown.
  3. See Ayer’s Rock.
  4. Wander Wellington, finding all the places mentioned in “Weather Child” (the book that made me choose NZ over Australia).
  5. Winery tour. Also touring the Speights Brewery.
  6. Snorkel in the South Seas.

Six Things I Miss from Home

For all Torontonians like to complain about the TTC, we have no idea how good we have it.

  1. My friends.
  2. My family.
  3. My apartment.
  4. My pioneer dress (never thought I’d say it, but…)
  5. My choir.
  6. The TTC (again, never thought I’d say it…)

Six Things I’ll Miss from New Zealand

  1. My friends.
  2. Rob Roy ice cream
  3. The Botanic Gardens.
  4. The land’s sheer, aggressive greenness.
  5. Seeing the Southern Cross overhead.
  6. Café Sunday.

    It almost feels unfair, how beautiful it is….


Top Six Moments Thus Far

  1. Consuming delicious coffee, scones, and cream beside a toasty fire at Annie’s Victorian Tearoom.
  2. Walking the sea cliffs outside Oamaru.
  3. Shearing a sheep (well, only part of the sheep, but still).
  4. Finding the Peter Pan statue in the Botanic Gardens/Finding the Alice in Wonderland statue at Larnach Castle.
  5. Climbing up, and down (but mostly down) Signal Hill.
  6. My very first Tim Tam Slam, an experience for which I have only a single word: NOM.

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  1. Amazing. Great lists and great travel moments. Waiting for more! – Renee

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