Homecoming and Overhauling

I’m home.

I got in around midnight local time, couldn’t sleep, ended up unpacking at five, showered and dressed at six, and staggered into work to say hello to everyone just after lunch. I am glad I went. A combination of jet lag and excitement resulted in a very potent kind of adrenaline…and I did really, really miss everyone. As I stumbled around the village, a huge weight lifted off my chest, even as it was rather firmly suggested that I catch a ride to the subway, rather than navigating the bus half out of my mind with sleep deprivation.

My coworkers are awesome.

But now that I’m home, it’s time to shift gears a little bit. I’m glad I had a week to relax on the beach in Rarotonga, because things are about to start moving.

Cue deep sigh.

First up: Hapax-the-Podcast

It’s pretty much done. I finished editing chapters 2-19 while in New Zealand, which just leaves chapter 1 (there is a method to my madness, don’t worry). My beta listener caught a few technical glitches, but all easy to fix. Now looking at sorting the feed and host, but well on track for the first episode to drop sometime in mid-to-late September. Watch this space for more updates and details as the time nears.


Also on track, forthcoming from Dragon Moon Press this October. Here’s the first official review I’ve seen, from Publisher’s Weekly. Apparently, I’m also on Amazon now: you can sign up to be notified when Hapax becomes available.

Again, watch this space for more details and updates. I’m considering an Amazon rush (everyone buys the book the same day, to drive it up the charts), but there’s a bit of time yet.

Dragon Con

I will be at Dragon Con, though because of flight and hotel availability, I won’t get there until the afternoon of the 31st. Looking forward to meeting lots of people there, so if you’re going, please come say hi. I’ll be the girl with purple glasses and the stunned look.

World Fantasy Con

WFC is in Toronto! Wh00t! I will definitely be there – and since it’s at the beginning of November, we’re hoping for a Hapax launch. Again, looking forward to meeting lots of people!

SFContario (?)

I know, I know, I’m leaving this awfully late, but I’m honestly not 100% decided on whether I’m going. As the first con I ever attended, SFContario is dear to my heart, and it’s easy for me to get to. The problem is funds. After travelling, Dragon Con, and WFC, I’m not sure it’s feasible. I’m also not sure that I could afford to book that weekend off work, when I know I’ll be taking time for WFC.

Otherwise, The Next One is in the deep freeze; I’m just giving myself a bit of space before attacking it with the rewrites. And another fantasy is stirring in the corner – something that feels slick, dark, and vaguely Victorian.

And that’s me, at the moment. I guess I also have to start school soon, as well….

Rested, recharged, and raring to go!


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