Who Wrote This?!

I’m working through my initial rewrites on The Next One right now. And I’m finding myself slightly bewildered. Although it is technically the prequel to Hapax, it feels quite different. Given that I’m Canadian, I think that I’m obliged to write at least one book about dysfunctional families in the woods. My dysfunctional family is battling floods, but that’s probably close enough. It’s also one of the darker pieces I’ve written. Hapax has its moments, but…

I think that some of my bewilderment also comes from the fact that I honestly don’t remember writing some parts of this book. This happens to me sometimes. I remember plot events, but I don’t remember the actual words I used. Suffice it to say, it is a most peculiar feeling to read your own words as if a stranger wrote them.

My “Cafe Sunday” spot in Dunedin; I started The Next One here.
(image courtesy http://www.obj.co.nz)

I’m hoping that my amnesia is a result of writing most of the book while backpacking. I wrote maybe the first half while still in Dunedin, but the rest was done in hostels and cafés across New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific. While that sounds really cool, the fact remains that I was churning out words after long days filled with lots of activity and little to no downtime. I saw so much, and experienced so many things, that it might not be entirely surprising that the “writing a book” part of the trip got a little blurred.

But, somehow, the words are there. That means I can work with them. Sometimes, I’m delighted by what I discover. Sometimes, I cringe.

This has certainly been one of the strangest writing processes I’ve gone through. Gaining experience, I guess… 😉

Over and out,


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