Remembering to Breathe

I spent most of yesterday dressed in Victorian clothing, carving rough wooden toys.

Two things: 1) I love my day job. 2) I needed that day.

Things have been a whirlwind since Dragon*Con (it seems so long ago; hard to believe it hasn’t even been three weeks). I have had heaps of exciting news, done some pretty cool things, and had some incredible opportunities. It’s been an amazing, amazing ride.

But sometimes, I need to find somewhere quiet, and clear my head a bit.

Hence why I was so glad to work yesterday. There’s a very special kind of satisfaction at the end of a work day when you can hold objects that you made. Between school and writing, I spend a lot of time in my head. Sometimes, it’s really, really good to get out and work on a task that’s physical. Tangible. Something that can quiet the adrenaline-and-caffeine-crazed squirrel that has been my brain this month.

Tending the fire. Sweeping.

Carving stacking-men.


I make these!

It’s all about balance, I guess. Exciting things are exciting, but I know that I need to remember to breathe on occasion, to think about something that isn’t writing, that isn’t podcasting…something that’s completely different. Is my fire running low? Is that a visitor coming? Is this stacking-man too deformed to toss in with the others? 

Would my boss find a legion of zombie stacking-men amusing, or anachronistic?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m living the dream, and I cannot wait to see where this road goes. But on every journey –

Rest can be good.


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