They say a book’s publication date is like a birthday. You look forward to it, and count down to it, and finally, finally it comes.

I just did the equivalent of sleeping through my birthday party.

In what I’m sure will become an amusing anecdote for the ages, I actually just realized that you can order Hapax on Amazon. I mean, yes, I had heard from Dragon Moon that it was “live on Amazon.” But I only looked at Amazon.ca – while that site has the cover art now, it still says “currently unavailable.” So, I assumed “live” meant “the cover is up.”

Tonight, while double-checking something for the Hapax-Chat portion of Chapter 8 of Hapax-the-Podcast, I looked at the American version: Amazon.com.

There’s an “Add-to-cart” option. Apparently, if you order in the next 41 hours, you can get it by Tuesday. Unless I’m highly, highly mistaken, I think my book is out.

I’m also having trouble typing. How odd.

But seriously, I feel like this is enough of an adrenaline jolt to keep me up tonight. Suddenly, there is a HECK of a lot to do – more promotional stuff that I’d been planning, but for which I’d been assuming, “Not now, not yet.”

So, I need your help.

Please, please help me spread the word. Tell your friends. Leave reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, iTunes (for the podcast), on your own blogs. Let people know about it. Do let me know. Reviews and comments are seriously an author’s best friend. Don’t be shy.

Here are the links:



Without you guys, how can the Hapax be heard?

I’m going to go sit down for a minute now….


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