The Other Side of the Table: World Fantasy Round-Up

It’s hard writing blog posts after cons. Mostly because the whirlwind of sight, sound, emotion, and experience defies compression into words. This is especially true of WFC2012, given that it was my first con as an author with a book actually out. Nevertheless, I shall try to recapture the weekend…not necessarily in any coherent way (indeed, I am indebted to Chuck Wendig’s portrayal of World Con).


  • My dad and I haul books inside. No idea where to pick up badges, where the dealer room is, anything. But, look, it’s Gabrielle! I found my editor – I’ll be ok!
  • Have a badge, but still stopped by organizers as I run in and out of the dealer room. “Dealer room’s not open yet.” “It’s ok, I’m with Dragon Moon.”
  • Oh hey, Dragon Moon authors are awesome! Here’s looking at you, Leah Petersen, Clint Talbert, Marie Bilodeau, Erik Buchanan. Ed Greenwood is cool too.
  • Erik Buchanan lives two blocks from me! Huzzah for carpooling!
  • Service at the Fox and Fiddle is slow. Hungry…
  • Back in Leah/Gabrielle’s room. Ed is smart. Ridiculously smart. I bask in his wisdom.
  • Refining Hapax’s elevator pitch. Dealer room is slow, but we have candy.
  • Leah fights gravity by falling off a stage. Her ankle is blue and swollen. Gravity: 1. Leah: 0.
  • Selling books is like interpreting at Black Creek. After enough exposure, I learn the spiels for other people’s books. People wander by looking confused. Their confusion confuses me. Books are sold! And signed! Huzzah!
  • Madeline Ashby is reading! She lived in the apartment under me for six months!
  • Robert J. Sawyer is reading! But I have to leave early…
  • Watch out – Marie Bilodeau might “bitch-slap” you (grinning all the while).
  • Spicy Thai food. Much Twittering. Absolutely exhausted.


  • Leah’s ankle is still swollen. We still have candy.
  • Con organizer Peter Halasz is a very, very nice man. He tells me not to be nervous.
  • Finally make it up to the Con-Suite. Into what magical land have I stumbled? People lounge on chairs (or the floor), eating free food and drinking free pop. There are nachos! And cookies! And best of all – root beer.
  • Hey, it’s J.M. Frey – we’ve talked online, but it’s awesome to meet her in real life. Especially as she organized tonight’s shindig.
  • Clint lends me his room for an hour. I practice my readings for tonight’s launch party, realize I’m practicing readings for a launch party in a hotel room at World Fantasy Con, and feel slightly rattled.
  • Haul books over to pub. Set books up. Try to eat pizza. Fail to finish pizza. DMP authors are lovely and kind and supportive and I feel all warm and fuzzy
  • My roommate arrives with my rescued necklace, and proceeds to chat with writers, con-goers, etc., like a pro.
  • Tony Pi is cool. He works at U of T. My friend Cat was his work-study student. The world is so small.
  • Reading the scene wherein Serafine explains to young Praeton exactly what a Hapax is. Missing my cast like crazy, but imitating Syd and Blythe as best I can.
  • My grandmother reads the dedication and chokes up. I choke up watching her choke up. Gabrielle chokes up watching us both choke up.
  • Go home with grandparents and roomie. Sit up for a while chatting and reading When the Hero Comes Home.

Ed, his hat, and Hapax.


  • Late start. Slow dealer room.
  • Tweet from John Mierau – “you still at WFC this morning?” John Mierau? Author, podcaster, all-around good guy? Trying to figure out how John Mierau knows me.
  • Selling books, following tweets on World Fantasy awards.
  • Hey, it’s John Mierau! We know the same people! He reads my Twitter feed and has heard my promo! I’m stunned. “Can I bend your ear and steal your soul for ten minutes?” “Ok!”
  • Chat with John Mierau!
  • More books. Goodbye, Clint. Goodbye, Ed. Pack up table. Chat with folks at Bakka Phoenix bookstore. Return to Gabrielle/Leah’s room to divvy up money and have champagne and chocolate.
  • Go home and die on the couch.

And the best part? Next Sunday, I get to launch Hapax all over again!


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