Announcing the Hear the Hapax Contest!

“A Hapax is a word that occurs only once, ever…”

As most of you have probably figured out by now, that’s the driving conflict behind Hapax. The Word of creation sounded only once, and no one heard it, so now it’s gone forever.

I’d prefer that were not the case with Hapax-the-Novel.

And so, I’m announcing the “Hear the Hapax” contest.

What do you need to do?

Here’s the deal: we’re looking to get this Word out. Every review (Amazon, Goodreads…) you write, every promo you play, every blogpost you craft, every link to the Amazon or Chapters page you post, counts as one entry in the draw. Just send the link to whatever you’ve done to, so I’m aware of it. As with all draws, the more entries you have, the better your odds.

What’s up for grabs?


One World-Ending Grand Prize

A Hapax poster, designed by Erin Scothorn (a lady of many talents who, among other things, gave Hapax its initial critique), and signed by the author and podcast-cast. If you’re a long-time listener, you may remember this image as the working cover, before the official one from Dragon Moon Press was ready. So far as I know, it currently exists nowhere else, and it will be the only one in the world (kind of like the Hapax… :P)

Plus, a CD with the entire podcast – pure story, no Hapax Chats or Story so Fars between chapters…and some exclusive bonus material. 😉


Two CDs of Apocalyptic Audio

Two more CDs containing Hapax-the-Podcast in its entirety, along with bonus material.


Three MCBs (Magical Candy Bags)

Tasty, tasty treats from the Great White North.


Timeline: there may be seven days between Candlemass and the Final Day, but since the Ecclesiat does everything in threes, I’ll give you three weeks. The contest opens at 12:01 am EST(’cause that’s how we roll) Saturday, November 24th, and closes at 11:59 am EST on December 15th. Winners will be announced on this blog on December 16th.


Our mission: help the world hear the Hapax, so that it doesn’t echo in the Void for eternity, unheard and unknown.

Leave reviews, send tweets, spread the word, and then let me know.

Questions, comments, links, feedback, and awful puns all go to

All right, pals, we’ve got three weeks. Without you, the Hapax cannot be heard. Thank you, and good luck!

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