The Acts of Whimsy

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably (hopefully) heard of the Acts of Whimsy campaign for Jay Lake. If you’ve not, here’s a brief rundown:

Jay Lake is an award winning science fiction author. He’s written ten novels and over three hundred short stories. He is American, and he has a daughter.

He also has cancer.

The Acts of Whimsy began as a way to raise funds to get Jay’s genome sequenced, in hope it can give his doctors something else to go on.

To date, $40,000 has been raised, which means that another level has been unlocked. While various authors and members of the spec fic community have done acts of whimsy in support of Jay, now “everyone can play.”

I jumped at the chance to join in. Although I’ve never met or corresponded with Jay directly, there is a certain connection between us. When Gabrielle Harbowy acquired my novel Hapax, Jay’s name was one of the first on her list of people I had to meet. “Read Mainspring,” she said. “You’ll love it, and it’s similar to yours.”

I read it. I loved it. It is similar.


Art Credit: K.T. Bryski

Not in setting, not really in plot, except by the broadest strokes. But in heart. I closed that book thinking that although Jay and I took very different routes, we essentially reached the same conclusions.
And so, here is my Act of Whimsy. Contrary to popular belief, Hapax was not my first published book. In 1999, the Allenby Public School Press published “Prey Valley,” an epic story of wolves and adventure, which I’m releasing now in the form of a fully-produced podcast.

Please enjoy. And please, if you can, support Jay here. Every little bit helps.



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