Boskone 54: My Schedule

Hi pals,

Tomorrow kicks off my American Grand Tour! After visiting some friends in New England, I’ll be making my way back to Boston for Boskone 54! I’ve never been to Boskone – and I’ve only briefly been in Boston – so I’m very excited! It’ll be a busy weekend, for sure – here is my schedule!

Photo de Erin Underwood.


2:00-3:00, Steam’s Rising: A Proliferation of Punks

  • Featuring: James Moore, Me (Moderating), Victoria Sandbrook, Melanie Meadors

5:00-6:00, Nonlinear Narratives

  • Featuring: Me, Max Gladstone, Charles Stross, Michael Swanwick, Sarah Smith

6:00-7:00, The Fantasy Writer’s Guide to Beer

  • Featuring: Me, Myself, and I.


12:00-1:00, The Inconveniences of Victorian Dress

  • Featuring: Me and the Audience! (This is an open discussion – like a museum theatre talkback, wherein I have points I want to hit, but it’s a dialogue rather than me monologuing forever.)

2:30-3:00, Reading

(I haven’t 100% made up my mind what I’ll be reading, but I’m leaning towards “The Love it Bears Fair Maidens.” Or maybe “Wendigo.” I shall ponder. )

  • Featuring: Me.
Wendigo? Art by Onki Dayan. Found here:

Y’all wanna hear about ice monsters? Art by Onki Dayan. Found here:


10:00-11:00, When is it a Gimmick?

  • Featuring: Me (Moderating), LJ Cohen, John Chu, JM McDermott, Brendan DuBois

12:00-1:00, Science Fiction on the Stage

  • Featuring: Jeanne Beckwith, James Patrick Kelly, F. Brett Cox, Gillian Daniels, Me.

1:00-2:00, Shelley and Austin

  • Featuring: Theodora Goss, Me (Moderating), EJ Stevens, F. Brett Cox


And then I dash to the airport for a twelve-hour turnaround in Toronto before Blythe and I head straight back down to Virginia. Whee!

If you’re around the con, come say hi!


What I’m Listening to This Week

Oh man. I found this “The Road Home” this week. It’s got that gentle lilt I associate with American hymns – especially those from the south. Understated, but surprisingly emotional.

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