Mostly Pictures This Week

No time for a real post, I’m afraid. November is my crunch month, and we are right in the thick of it. I’m not even doing NaNoWriMo; it’s just that a lot of major things have deadlines now/very soon.

But a quick shout-out to my pal Brandon Crilly, whose encouragement and mutual shaming is keeping me on track.

In lieu of anything else, here’s some pretty art I looked at this week:

“Winter Morning, Charlevoix County,” A.Y. Jackson (1933).


“Valley of the Gouffre River,” A.Y. Jackson (1935).


“La Carriole Rouge,” Clarence Gagnon (1924-1925).


“The Trapper’s Return,” Clarence Gagnon (1909-1913).


“North Shore, Lake Superior,” Lawren Harris (1926).


“Mt. Lefroy,” by Lawren Harris (1930).



What I’m Listening to this Week

I love Morten Lauridsen; his music is so tender and gentle, with a core of strength throughout. This is “Dirait-on,” or, “the Song of the Roses.” I found this lovely translation:

Wildness surrounding wildness, Tenderness touching tenderness, It is your own core that you ceaselessly caress, … as they say. It is your own center that you caress, Your own reflection gives you light. And in this way, you show us how Narcissus is redeemed.



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