2019 Eligibility Post

I know, I know, this blog has lain dormant for a long time. But given life’s general upswing, I think we can haul it back into the daylight.

In any case, ’tis still the season for eligibility posts. All my 2019 stories are now out, so let’s get started!

Ti-Jean’s Last Adventure, as Told to Raccoon (Lightspeed, February 2019)

Okay. So.

There’s a time when I’m looking for Coyote, because I need to tell him this story. So, I walk the St. Lawrence River from one end to the other, and I cannot find him. Check the Rockies—he is not there. I even paddle to Baffin Island, because he likes to sleep on it. It is Coyote-shaped, a little.

This was an uncomfortable story to write and to submit. But in the end, it’s about passing the mic over – and I felt that was important. I hear it’s on the Nebulas recommended reading list? There are a few other reviews too:

Quick Sip Reviews

Realms and Robots


When the White Bird Sings (Augur, August 2019)

Bones show best in cold weather.

Sharp lines cut under skin; bare branches crack against the sky; snow drives on snow. In a land wiped clean, only the essential remains.

The village freezes, and hungers.

Wintry, witchy, and raw. I was so pleased that it found a home with Augur; they’re an amazing group of people doing great things for Canadian spec-fic. Content warnings for eating disorders and related themes.

Quick Sip Reviews


By Jingly Bell, By Velvet Mouse (PodCastle, November 2019)

By jingly bell — by velvet mouse —

By shedding fur — by whiskered purr —

By ticking clock — by sweetest sun —

The cat weaves spells to call his human home.

Ahahahaha okay, we do need to tell the story for this one.

When Jen and I started dating, we mutually agreed that we’d avoid working together as editor-writer. But lo, the PodCastle flash fiction contest is a) anonymous and b) determined by reader votes. “You have to enter,” she said.

“Okay,” I said. “And I’ll win.”

Around the same time, my cat Guinness started responding to my overnight absences by piling his toys together. “Is he trying to summon me?” I asked.

And the story was born.

It placed third in the contest. And thus, to my very great delight, I got into PodCastle. I maintain this one was fate.

Quick Sip Reviews


The Path of Pins, the Path of Needles (Lightspeed, December 2019)

It is a northern country; winter and cold weather; you’ve heard this before.

In the bitterness of the woods, the wolves are howling.

You’ve heard them before, too. But this is a new song.

This was one of my Smoky stories this year. It was a fast, slick write – and I’m pleased with how it came out. As I said in my author spotlight, in some ways I consider it a companion piece to “The Love it Bears Fair Maidens.”



And those are my stories, for your consideration.

As a bonus, our new reading series ephemera will also be Aurora-eligible next year. But we’ll remind you in 2020. 😉

It’s good to be feeling better, friends.



What I’m Listening to this Week

I have no shame with spoilers and I’ve already pounced on Frozen 2. Though I’ve yet to see the film, this is my anthem for the moment.

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