Hapax is also available as a free podcast novel. We are on iTunes, or, you can click here to download or subscribe to episodes. New episodes released every Sunday at 12:01 am.


K.T. Bryski Author, Producer, Narrator, Praeton, River, Various and Sundry Characters

Author, playwright, podcaster, and Pokémon Master, K.T. Bryski has loved every minute of this journey. Credits include the plays Key of D Minor (2009), Dracula (2009), East o’ the Sun and West o’ the Moon: A Children’s Opera (TBD), and various scenes and monologues for Black Creek Pioneer Village (2011). She lives in Toronto, where she is currently at work on her next novel. Special thanks to the podcasting community for all their help and advice, and to her cast, for staying by her side.


Gavin Douglas – Brother Gaelin

Gavin Douglas was raised in the thriving community of Central Caribou, Nova Scotia. During high school he became interested in drama and was involved with several musicals. Following graduation he attended the University of Toronto where he was involved in the following Trinity College productions: Saints Alive!; Palpitations; Leonce and Lena;  Romeo and Juliet; and The Bacchae. Although he has begun to focus more on evolutionary biology related drama, he still enjoys being involved with fun projects like Hapax!



Sydney Gautreau – Sister Alesta

A Toronto native, Sydney was born with a love of theatre that is currently being neglected in favour of a degree in English, History, and Literary Studies which she is completing at the University of Toronto. Working on Hapax has presented a happy opportunity to exercise her creative outlet and slip back into her favourite type of character: maniacal female super-villiain.



Simon Bild-Enkin – Davi Sanders

Simon did not submit his bio. Simon lives in B.C. somewhere. Like most of the cast, he attends the University of Toronto, where he studies mediaeval history. And swords. Simon probably enjoyed drama throughout high school, and since then, he has contributed to the Trinity College Dramatic Society. Hopefully he has enjoyed Hapax as well.



Blythe Haynes – Serafine

Blythe is thrilled to work with the Hapax team, and lend her voice to Serafine! She is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s BFA acting program, and has been active in the theatre and film community since her arrival back in Toronto. Select credits include The Triumphant Return of the Three Kings (Black Creek Pioneer Village), My Last Teacher (Merey Ismailova Theatre of Dance), and Mary’s Wedding (Toronto Fringe Festival). Blythe recently finished filming What About Joe (Atefeh Productions), along with the web series NaNoWriMo: The Musical (Whitless Productions). Thanks to Katie for asking me along for the adventure!



Alexander Ripley – Chancellor Pare

Alex was dragged into podcasting by virtue of the fact that he is K.T. Bryski’s roommate and she needed more male voices. He likes trucks. His good humour was greatly appreciated throughout this project.






The audio version of Hapax is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives 3.0 License.

  1. "Lord Gro" (is Internet anonymity passé?)

    I’ve just begun listening to “Hapax”, and I’m enjoying it.
    (I consider “Coxwood History Fun Park” to be an
    incomparable jewel of pure silliness, and left a review
    to that effect on iTunes.)

  2. I’m just beginning to listen to “Hapax”, and I’m enjoying it.
    (I consider “Coxwood History Fun Park” to be an incomparable
    jewel of pure silliness, and left a review to that effect on iTunes.)

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