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ANOTHER UPDATE: January 2018

SIX STORIES, TOLD AT NIGHT has won a Parsec Award! (Best Story: Small Cast, Novella.) Especial thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for making this podcast possible.

UPDATE: December 2017

I am pleased to say that a stage adaptation of SIX STORIES, TOLD AT NIGHT will be performed at the Toronto Fringe Festival in July 2018! More details will be posted here as they become available.

This podcast has been an amazing journey. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled information page.

“It takes the right story, that’s all…a story they’ve never heard before.”

When Sam’s best friend Joëlle starts obsessing about Faerie, Sam doesn’t pay much attention. After all, Joëlle has always been feverishly creative, if troubled. But when Joëlle stumbles into the Otherworld, Sam must brave the darkness and the woods – rewriting her own story to get her friend back.

Six Stories, Told at Night is a new form of audio fiction: part one-woman drama, part storytelling, part long-form narrative. Five traditional Canadian folktales interweave with Sam’s quest to save Joëlle. And the sixth story?

Spoilers. 😉

When you read enough fairy tales, you learn how things work.

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Creative Team

KT Bryski* – Writer, Producer, Director

Blythe Haynes* – Voice Talent

Alex White – Theme Music (Composition, Backing Vocals)

Ellen McAteer* – Theme Music (Main Vocals)

Starla Huchton – Image Design

* Denotes Canadian talent

This podcast was made possible through funding assistance from the Ontario Arts Council. Click here to learn more.


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