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A Cover AND an Interview!

Hapax has a cover.

This is the “unofficial” version. Small changes might be made. Overall, though, this is pretty much what it’s going to look like. Huge, huge thank you to Scott Purdy for taking on this challenge and making something completely awesome.

Ok. Are you ready for this?









Ok. Here it is:

Those of you who have listened to the “Hapax Chat” segment at the end of Chapter 5 will see why I was so excited. 😀

As I mentioned on the podcast, visuals are not my forte. Trying to imagine the cover kind of reminded me of the first time I heard some of my actors in-role. There was that sense of, “I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this…but that’s ok, because I love this more!”

And more awesomeness: my very first interview ever is LIVE over at The Geek Side of Life. At Dragon*Con, I had the pleasure of meeting the very smart, very cool, and very kind Tim Dodge. It was great to spend time with him – certainly one of the highlights of the weekend. Definitely go check him out! (Seriously- author interviews and short fiction. My iPod is rapidly filling up these days. :P)