Short Fiction:

An Elegy for the Former Things – Lightspeed (forthcoming)

The True Name of the Sharp-Toothed God Cossmass Infinities (2023)

Folk Hero Motifs in Tales Told by the Dead Strange Horizons (2022)

There are No Hellos in HeavenFusion Fragment (2022)

In the Stillness of Bone and Sea – Lackington’s (2022)

What Cats (and Dragons) Do – CatsCast (2022)

This is I The Deadlands (2022)

To Escape the Hungry DeepLampLight Magazine (2021)

As Though it were a Broom Closet – The Quilliad (2020)

Tiger’s FeastNightmare (2020)

The Gorgon’s Epitaphist Apparition Lit (2020)

The Bone-Stag Walks – Lightspeed (2020)

The Path of Pins, the Path of NeedlesLightspeed (2019)

By Jingly Bell, By Velvet Mouse – PodCastle (2019)

When the White Bird SingsAugur (2019)

Ti-Jean’s Last Adventure, as Told to RaccoonLightspeed (2019)

Song of the Oliphant – Lackington’s (2018)

On Thin IceTales from the Archives, Vol. V (2018)

Search History – Daily Science Fiction (2017)

Her Hands like Ice –  Bracken Magazine (2017)

The Love it Bears Fair Maidens – Apex Magazine (2016)

La Corriveau Strange Horizons (2016)

Don’t Read This Story –  Daily Science Fiction (2016)

Frozen Head and Flames Serving Worlds (2015)

To Hide in Plain Sight Tales from the Archives Vol. IV (2015)

Beneath Northumberland Tales from the Archives Vol. IV (2015)

P.G. Holyfield’s Magnificent Travelling SpectacularTales of a Tesla Ranger: A Tribute to PG Holyfield (2014)

Under Oak Island Tales from the Archives Vol. III (2014)

After the Winds (in When the Hero Comes Home Vol. II) – Dragon Moon Press (2013)

Amy Black Treacle Magazine (2013)

Interactive Novels:

DinoKnights – Choice of Games (2018)

Yeti’s Parole OfficerChoice of Games (2014)

Script Writing:

We’ll Wake to the Snow (History Jacked: The 12 Plays of the Holidays, 2020)

Nutcracker-Messiah! (Gangway! Theatre Co., 2018)

Six Stories, Told at Night – Live Onstage! (Toronto Fringe Festival, 2018)

A Canticle of Light (Missed Metaphor Productions, 2018)

The Polar Bear Prince (Gangway! Theatre Co., 2017)

The Snow Queen: a Pantomime (Out of Time Theatre Collective, 2016)

Six Stories, Told at Night (KT Bryski Productions, 2016)

Coxwood History Fun Park: An Audio Drama of Horror and Hilarity (KT Bryski Productions, 2015)

East o’ the Sun and West o’ the Moon: A Children’s Opera (Canadian Children’s Opera Company, 2014)

  1. please write a sequel to dinoknights!! i wanna romance dreadbone!

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